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यही बच्चे फिर दुनिया को हिलानेवाले बनेंगे और भगवान को पानेवाले | दुनिया किससे हिलती है ? जो निस्वार्थी है, जो योगी है, जो परोपकारी है वो दुनिया को हिला देता है | भगवान को कौन पाता है ? जो भगवान को चाहता है वो भगवान को पाता है | ऐसा होना चाहिए बापू का विद्यार्थी |  Know More…..


Sant Sri Asharamji Gurukul, Chhindwara is a Higher Secondary school, affiliated to CBSE board established in the year 1997. Students from more than 22 states of the country come here for education. A part from India, students from Nepal and USA also study here.

In olden days, education was given to students in Rishi-Muni Gurukuls where students were given practical education along with good moral values which help in overall development of the child. As we know, Lord Rama studied in Gurukul under the tutelage of Guru Vishwamitra, Lord Krishna studied in Guru Sandipani’s Gurukul and Prahlad studied in Guru Narad’s Gurukul.

Based on the Guru Shishya parampara, the same divine knowledge and values are provided in Sant Sri Asharamji Gurukul along with teaching. It is indeed, a great blessing to students who study in this Gurukul.


To provide an atmosphere in school by which we may groom the responsible students for society and nation.


1.  To make the students energetic, powerful and respectful by giving them education combined with ethical, moral, yogic and spiritual knowledge…

2.  To develop the feeling of  compassion and concern, so that  they can serve society efficiently..

3. To awake the dormant capabilities by practice of dhyan, meditation, asan, pranayam & satsang.