All the Hostellers are requested to strictly abide by the rules of hostel which are as mentioned below-

      1. Students will be allowed to enter or leave the hostel only after seeking permission from the Chief Hostel Warden.
      2. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) of students is done by taking into consideration their various activities in school. In case of absence or irregular response in the above, the student can be dismissed.
      3. It is compulsory to deposit the fixed fee installments in the specified time period. Fee once deposited will not be refunded under any circumstances.
      4. A “Hosteller” can transform into a ‘Day Scholar’ only after the completion of the current Academic Session.
      5. Students will be permitted to leave the hostel only with their parents or guardians whose photographs have been submitted with the Gurukul authorities. In Case, the parents authorise any other person to take their child from the hostel, they will have to submit an authority letter duly signed by them along with the photograph of the concerned individual and the above procedure must be completed atleast a week in advance.
      6. If a student returns late from home after vacations or any type of leave, late fine will be charged on day to day basis as decided by the management.
      7. Cash, Mobile , Sim card, Pen-drive, Laptop or any other Electronic Entertainment- items and Cosmetic Products are strictly prohibited in the hostel premises. In case such items are found in the possession of any student, he/she is liable to be rusticated or punished according to the Gurukul Management Committee.
      8. Pass-port size photographs of parents and guardians along with their specimen signatures should be submitted with the Gurukul authorities while leaving their ward at the time of Admission.
      9. At the time of Admission in the hostel, Parents are informed to bring a bag or suitcase with the daily required material and woollen clothes. Students are expected to bring the below mentioned items. For Boys- 2 Sets of color pant shirt, 2 sets of lower – T-shirt, 1 set of white Kurta Payjama.
      10. It’s the Parent’s duty to inform the Chief Hostel Warden regarding their ward’s medical History so that proper attention may be paid. Due to lack of pre-information, if any incident occurs with their ward, the institution won’t be responsible for that tragedy.