• Separate Hostel Facility For Boys & Girls Who Come From More Than 22 States Of India & Abroad.


  1. Comfortable Accommodation :- Each room has an accommodation for 9 to 10 students where there are cup-boards for every student along with book rack and shoe-stand in each room.
  2. Educated & Experienced Wardens :- There is an experienced warden in each room whom children call “Didi”/ “Acharya ji” with respect.
  3. Prayer Hall :- Pujya Shri aims at spiritual development along with materialistic Knowledge. That’s why there is a big prayer hall also where children perform their morning and evening payers.
  4. Separate Study Room :- Student with special interest in studies are provided with a separate study room.
  5. Hostel Campus :- Children enjoy their leisure time by playing, walking and swinging in the garden of hostel campus provided with several swings-see-saw, slides etc.


In this Gurukul of Bapuji each room is guarded with a “Room Warden” who takes care of needs regarding studies, health and emotions of individual children in order to provide a homely environment so that they may not feel themselves away from their home and miss their parents.


“THE BEST EDUCATION & EXCELLENT TRAITS” are the fundamentals of Gurukul. The students of Gurukul are provided such an atmosphere where they may build the “India” with well-mannerred and well-civilized young generation.

  • On every Sunday “Sanskar Dhara” is held in which students are taught about the cultured and civilized life-style, moral-values and the motto of human life.
  • Through various Indian Holy Books [Shri Yogvashishth Maharamayan, Shri Ram Charit Manas and Shri Mad Bhagwad Gita], students are introduced with the glory, ancient culture and history of our country.


  • Store Room to fulfill the daily and essential needs of the students.
  • Laundry to provide well washed and ironed clothes and uniform to the students.
  • R.O. Water Filter plant to provide healthy and mineral water to the students.
  • Boiler to provide hot water to the students for taking bath in winter season.
  • Medical Room to provide the First-Aid to the student.
  • Karate classes Facitity to make the students able to face the challenges of present age for their “SELF-DEFENCE”
  • Music Classes to enhance the ‘VOCAL ABILITY’ of a student.
  • Internet Availability to help the students in Project Works & Assignments given by school.
  • Cultural Activities like Vijyadashmi, Diwali, Gopashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Holi, Ganesh Utsav, and Sharad poornima……etc. to keep the Indian Heritage & culture alive in the students.
  • Home – Tuition to help the students to solve the academic difficulties.
  • Sunday Special Program to provide an atmosphere of fun & frolic to the students.
  • Sports Room in which all Indoor and outdoor game equipments are available to develop a “SPORT MAN SPIRIT” in a student.